How to get a visa in Beijing airport

How can I get a visa on arrival at the Beijing airport?

Normally a visa should be obtained before the flight. But sometimes if passengers have the following emergency situations, they can apply for the China visa on arrival at the Beijing airport.
1. Temporarily attend the Trade Fair in China
2. Participate in bidding or officially sign trade contracts in China
3. Inspect export/import merchandise or attend the contract acceptance audit in China as per agreement
4. Assist equipment installation or urgent repair of the project
5. Deal with claim issues in China
6. Provide scientific and technical consultation in China
7. Temporarily be supplemented, replaced or approved by the China party, after the visa for the delegation or team on invitation to China was ready.
8. Visit critical patient or handle funeral affairs
9. Transit passengers who are delayed by the force majeure at Beijing airport.
10. Have no enough time to apply for visa at local organization of China after the invitation, with letters certifying the approval by designated authority for a visa on arrival at Beijing airport.
11. Tour groups organized and received by International Travel Agencies in China or the approved Hong Kong/Macao travel agencies

If you are eligible to one of the above situations, you can go to the Beijing airport visa office for the visa on arrival application.

Notice that the following documents are required for the application of visa on arrival at Beijing airport.
Visa application form; a recently-taken, half-length, bare-headed, fullfaced, two-inch photo with pale blue background; valid ordinary passport; papers supporting visa application for entry into or transfer through China.

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