Hourly Lounge at Terminal 2 (international)


Hotel Name:Hourly Lounge at Terminal 2 (international)
Business Types: Timing Rest/ Terminal Hotel
Accepted Currency: $USD
Credit cards accepted:icon-visaicon-mastercards
Store Location: B1, Between Gate D2 and Gate D3, International Arrival, T2

Warm tips:
1.This Hourly Lounge provides separate bathing services, 50 Yuan every person.
2.visitors can enjoy convenience services such as showers, flight information, wake up and so on.
3.Rooms are accommodated in less than 1 hour by 1 hour; extra charges by 1 day 24:00 on the day.
4.Service hotline:010 – 64598932
5.Address:Between gate D5-6,Domestic arrival,B1,Terminal 2

Contact Us
24-hour Hotline

Phone Call+86-138-1156-0776
Text Msg+86-138-1156-0776

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