Going Through Customs Beijing Airport

How to go through customs at Beijing airport?

When you get off the plane, you need to go up to the 3rd floor for going through the Beijing airport customs. Kindly remind that passengers should choose the right channel to get through. One is the channel of declaration which is known as red channel. Passengers entering or leaving China with articles required to be declared shall fill in the Baggage Declaration Form and choose this channel. The other is the channel of non-declaration, which is known as green channel. Passengers entering or leaving China without articles that need to be declared are not required to fill in the Baggage Declaration Form and can go through this channel for customs inspection.

How can I deposit my luggage at Beijing airport?

Beijing international airport provides 24-hour luggage deposit services at all three terminals. Passengers can transact the consignment at the left-luggage counter. Electric password lockers are also available for small luggage. The charge is based on the size of the locker and service time.

Please note that if the registered luggage is unclaimed after 120 days, it will be sent to Public Security Bureau of Beijing Capital Airport for disposal.

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