Do layover in Beijing

How to utilize the layover hours in Beijing?

For visitors who are waiting for their transfers in Beijing airport, if the layover time is more than 7 hours, there are many touring choices. Beijing airport is only around 20 miles away from the downtown, so you have got enough time to finish a half-day tour around Beijing by taxi.

If you are a new visitor to Beijing, the Great Wall tour is highly recommended.

If you have visited Beijing many times, it will be a good way of killing time by finding a foot message shop for a relaxing and you can also enjoy your meal at the center of the city before going back to the Beijing airport.

Check out more Beijing Layover tour.

Is the visa required for the layover in the Beijing airport?

According to the Beijing airport regulations, foreigners can stay up to 24 hours without a visa if they don’t leave the airport. But if they want to leave the airport, they should apply for the stopover permit. That is to say, if you do not leave the airport, of course, there will be no visa requirement. But if you leave the airport during the stopover, you need go to the border control office for the stopover permit, which is not a visa and is granted only for layover passenger within 24 hours.

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