Beijing Airport Visa

Beijing Airport Visa

For passengers who need to apply for China visa on arrival during their transit period at Beijing airport or long stay in China, please kindly note the following:

Information of visa office at Beijing airport
Office Address: No. 32347, 3rd floor, International Arrival at T2
No. E5N103, 3rd floor, International Arrival at T3
Office Hour: Monday—Sunday, 24 hours
Hotline: 64590454 (T2)
64532939 (T3)
Fax: 64590455 (T2)
64532940 (T3)

Beijing airport visa

Beijing airport visa


Foreigners may apply for visas to Beijing port visa agency for the following reasons:
1. Being invited at short notice by the Chinese side to attend a trade fair in China;
2. Being invited to China to enter a bid or to formally sign an economic and trade contract;
3. Coming to China under contract for supervision over export shipment, import commodity inspection or check on the completion of a contract;
4. Being invited to install equipment or make rush repairs;
5. Coming to China at the request of the Chinese side for settling claims;
6. Being invited to China for scientific or technological consulting services;
7. A last-minute replacement or addition, approved by the Chinese side, to a delegation or group that has been invited and has already obtained visas for travelling to China;
8. For visiting a patient in a critical condition or making funeral arrangements;
9. As persons in immediate transit who, because of force majeure, are unable to leave China by the original aircraft within 24 hours or have to leave China by other means of transport;
10. As other invitees who really do not have enough time to apply for visas to Chinese agencies abroad but hold letters or telegrams from the designated competent authorities approving the application for visas at port visa agencies;
11. Tour groups organized and received by International Travel Agencies in China or the approved Hong Kong/Macao travel agencies.

Application Documents

The following documents are required: Visa Application Form; a recently-taken half-length, bare-headed, full-faced, two-inch photo with pale blue background; valid ordinary passport; papers supporting visa application for entry into or transfer through China.

1. In application for visa F, a letter or telegram from the organization authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affaires of P.R.C.;
2. In application for visa L for private purpose, the documents concerning emergency;
3. In application for visa L for a group trip in China, a certificate of reception from a Chinese international travel service or an approved Hong Kong/Macao travel agency and a list of tour group;
4. In application for visa G, a valid visa for entering the country (region) of destination, and a connecting ticket (air, train or boat ticket);
5. In application for visa C, an official letter from China civil aviation department or transportation administration;

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