Beijing Airport Transit

Beijing Airport Transit

For international passengers who are in transit at Beijing airport for the next international flight, the rough transfer procedures are listed below:

1. Get off the airplane and enter the terminal
2. Fill in the Health Quarantine Declartion Form on Entry
3. Hold boarding pass for connecting flight to go through personal security check and customs inspection and then go to corresponding boarding gate
4. Go through immigration transfer desk
5. Go through customs inspection
6. Go through transfer formalities
7. Wait and board

Generally speaking, the transit period for international passengers for the next international flight will be around 160 minutes. Beijing airport offers transit lounge services, which is charged based on hours. If your transit stay in Beijing is over 7 hours, you can have a short tour around Beijing. There is no need to apply for China visa during your layover, but stopover permit is needed if you leave the Beijing airport. To know more about Beijing airport transit visa, please visit here!


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